Senior School

Our senior school is divided into two, upper level I, and upper level II. In upper level I students are of 11 to 13 age group. The senior school has its own curriculum which fulfills the CBSC norms. The medium of instruction is English.

In upper level II, comes the students of 14 to 15 age group. The curriculum is according to CBSE. In the Indian Academy the broad based curriculum anticipates the increasing range of opportunities. Learning through educational excursion, exhibition, environmental workshops and audio-video aids forms an important part of the educational process.

Senior School Facilities

The senior school is well resourceful and the facilities for pupils are being updated and improved annually. In the last few months we have extended our science laboratories, improved and extended the music practice room, developed the sports facility, art proposed to be well established.

The Houses

All pupils are allocated to one of the four houses during their time at the Indian Academy and providing an opportunity for pupils for all ages to come together:

  • Subhash House
  • Vivekananda House
  • Raman House
  • Tagore House

Many competitions are organized like elocution. Painting. Singing, Dancing, Dramas etc. They help to build the competitive skills in the school children.