For many of our pupils the experience begins in a nursery environment designed to nurture happy children supported by caring, committed staff. The partnership with parents is considered particularly vital in ensuring the development of enthusiastic and confident children who are looking forward to starting school. The Indian Academy has two separate nurseries to cater for the changing needs of very young and pre-school children, both of which take boys as well as girls. Each child’s needs are at the very centre of our aims and development priorities as a school.

Pre Nursery

School welcomes children aged from 2-3 years old. The girls and boys are introduced to experiences in play and discovery under the sympathetic guidance of the teaching staff. There is a secure garden for sunny days and plenty of space for indoor activities. We aim to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment, allowing each child to feel happy and secure, gaining in confidence and independence. We also nurture each child's individual needs so she or he can achieve their potential by learning through play.

Nursery (3-5 Years)

The nursery nurtures girls and boys aged 3 to 5 years in their two pre-school years in a spacious, secure and well equipped environment where each individual is encouraged to grow and develop a positive self-image.

In the Ante-Pre-School (3 to 4 years), the children’s learning is motivated and extended by providing appropriately stimulating and challenging play activities. In the Pre-School (4 to 5 years) the children are provided with a lively and more structured preparation for entering the junior School the following year. The curriculum provides ample opportunities for intellectual growth, spontaneous and structured language development, the enjoyment of the expressive arts and physical education, and personal and social development in all its forms