The School prides itself on providing opportunities for all pupils to participate in a range of sporting activities. A broad range of sports are introduced to pupils in their time at the Indian Academy including Football. Cricket. Netball. Badminton. Athletics etc.

School supports sports by identifying students and encouraging them to play. Two periods are allotted for physical training, one period where in students can choose what they would like to learn to play and other to create awareness and learn the basics of all sports.


Music is the essence of life and dance is a form of expressing one's innermost feelings and emotions. Students are given exposure to Indian sas well as Western music and also Indian Classical as well as folk dances by helping them to develop their talent and to display them at various stages. The focus is not just on learning but also on creativity. Most pupils play a musical instrument, and nearly everyone participates in Senior and junior School choirs or instrumental ensembles. In Indian Academy students play Casio, Tabla, Harmonium, Congo etc. They participate in various competitions.

Drama & Dance

Students are always given chance to act and play. It builds their self-confidence and language skills too. School provides learning of Folk, Classical and Western Dance. They perform English and Hindi language based Dramas too.

Personal Development

The Indian Academy encourages communication skills, self-confidence, imagination and the value of leadership and teamwork. Pupils can also develop their media and journalistic skills by playing a prominent role in contributing to and editing the annual School Magazine. Chess, photography, gardening, quiz club are some of the proposed clubs which will be flourished in very soon.