About Us

At The Indian Academy, we are constantly trying to create future citizens who have the necessary skills to live a disciplined and successful life and develop the confidence in them which will help them to transform their dreams in reality.

We provide various avenues for students to confide in someone if they have concerns of worries. In most instances the student will approach his Form Tutor who is central to his life at the school. The relationship between Form Tutor and student is developed through daily contact in the Personal and Social Health Education and Citizenship lessons and during morning Registration and on Action Days.

We are very aware that we need to gain the trust and support of parents. We intend to do this by keeping parents well informed and by involving them in the school.

The Indian Academy is determined by and dependent upon the quality of its teaching and learning. As such, we aim to ensure that high quality teaching and associate staff are consistently recruited to our school. These staff are developed by focusing upon the following areas:

The Promotion of Learning Partnerships

An approach is introduced to improve the knowledge and skills of staff, which is then reflected in the wider opportunities for students.

An Emphasis upon Teaching and Learning

The observation of lessons to identify good practice and then share this with others.

Provision of Professional Development Opportunities

Regular training courses are run by staff and Advanced Skilled Teachers within the School help to assist the colleagues in key areas in order to develop skills.

Use of Sophisticated Pupil Information Systems

Using robust reporting and monitoring systems to support student progress.

Mandatory Disclosure(OASIS)

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