Junior School

In junior school we nurture the talent of the child by interactive, practical and observational learning. Students from 6 to 10 years come under junior school. We keep the limited number of students in classes in the junior school where they rarely go above 25. This enables our class teachers to devote individual attention to each child and foster a purposeful work ethic in a cheerful environment. The friendly focused atmosphere nurtures this high level of academic attainment by adopting broad and balanced curriculum. This is then enhanced substantially by providing:

  • Trained teacher input in the teaching of Art and Craft, Music and PE.
  • There are many visits, excursions and presentation by outside speakers.
  • The support of a fully qualified librarian and a well resourced library to encourage further reading and the use of multimedia resource.
  • The services of specialist support for learning teachers as required.
  • Subject like Science, Maths and Geography are taught by models and using multimedia.

Pupils in the junior school are also encouraged to take pride not only in their academic achievements but also in their many other kills. They participate in a wide range of extra curricular activities which develop:

  • Logical and scientific temperament
  • Democratic outlook
  • Patience and emotional maturity positive attitude
  • Leadership quality
  • Commitment

In the Indian Academy we focus on developing following qualities:

  • Oratory skills
  • Imagination
  • Curiosity
  • Decision making ability
  • Intellectual and spiritual perception

Many children are encouraged to take up a musical instrument and every one sings in the junior school choir. Sports are also very popular here. Students can play athletics. Cricket, Football and Rugby.

Assembly is very helpful in building confidence in the students. They not only sing there but also present various things like thoughts, news. GK Questions. Moral story and special knowledge.